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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Greed pt.2

It seems odd, in this opulent corner of the world, that greed is still a thriving part of the human mind.
While true, on a vague level, I must elaborate onto a more precise plain of description.
It scares me, that "All you can eat" buffets can exist.
If someone is hungry, and purchases some food, and eats it, that person is likely to have gained utility greater than the price of the foodstuffs. This utility is diminished, however, by the finite (Hopefully) size of ones stomach.
With the all you can eat buffet, however, it seems that people eat to the point of discomfort, then continue to eat, to get "Value for money."
I cannot comprehend what these people are paying for, they are not paying for happiness, they are paying for discomfort and ill-health.
Perhaps there is an economic model that can explain such barbarian desires, but until I fully understand that, I am confused by the larger than life buffet types. Aggression has taken agrip of me, I fear the potbellied folk have stirred a greater punishment on me, than they have on themselves.

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